The Summer 2015 “Bucket List”

Happy Summer Solstice! I’m glad the Chicago weather showed up for the first day of the season at 81 degrees earlier today. I spent some good time this week celebrating the Chicago Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup win.


This is my fourth summer living in Chicago as an employed young adult. I’ve noticed that somehow there manage to be things I dream of doing all frigid winter long yet fail to do once summer actually graces us with its presence. This year I’ve decided to make a list of those activities with the goal of actually completing all of them before the leaves start to change colors once again. Here’s my top ten:

1) Architectural Boat Tour

I work directly overlooking the Chicago River and see these ride by on a daily basis, yet I’ve still never taken the time to go on one myself. I love learning more about the history of my own city, so this seems like a no-brainer. Luckily, my dad wants to go on one too, so that makes for an easy Father’s Day present.


2) Goose Island Brewery Tour

Last summer I looked into going on a tour at the Brewpub on Clybourn, but now they’ve opened their actual brewing location up with a new Taproom to the public. Must visit. I’ve been on so many brewery tours in Milwaukee, and so few in my own city.

3) Bike ride on the Lakefront Trail

I’ve been talking nonstop for the past three weeks about how I want to buy a bike. It’s a pleasant four mile stretch on the Lakefront path from my office to my apartment. I just need to pick and buy one already so I can get riding.

4) Movies in the Park

So many parks, so many movies. The Chicago Park District even created an app for all of their movies in the park events this summer, so I really have no excuses!

5) Downtown Sound at Millennium Park

With a Mariano’s adjacent from Millennium Park for ideal picnic preparation and free live music, I’m most excited to go to a few of these. What better way to unwind after a day at work?

6) Visit Chinatown via Water Taxi

I’ve never been to Chinatown. I grew up in the suburbs and have been to the el stop, but I’ve never been to any of the restaurants. The water taxi just adds a fun summer aspect to it. I hear they have late night dim sum- what am I waiting for?!


7) Art Institute on a Thursday Night

Free for Illinois residents and one of the best museums in the world. It’s been a few years at least. Time for another visit!

8) Ravinia Festival

Need to hit up Trader Joe’s for a picnic and bottle of wine, hop the Metra train and listen to some good music. We’ve decided to go on July 14 for a night of Danny Elfman’s music from Tim Burton films. They even use video screens to show scenes from the films while the orchestra plays!

9) Chicago Botanic Gardens

They sound gorgeous. What’s better than an afternoon spent out of the city connecting with the beauty of nature? Enough said.

10) Chicago Cubs Game

I haven’t been to a Cubs game since age 12, so I’m making my way back to Wrigley Field. I live close enough to the stadium to walk there from my apartment. Luckily, I convinced my White Sox fan of a best friend to accompany me to the Crosstown Classic.

Happy summertime! As with every year, I hope it will go by slowly so I can savor every moment. Check in with me in a few months to hear about all of my adventures. Cheers!

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