Episode 7: Happy Galentine’s Day

Special guest Elise joins Paige and Phoebe for this Galentine’s Day special episode! The three discuss music & friendships, create lists of favorite emo & pop punk love/ heartbreak songs and discuss the latest releases in the scene.

Episode 6: Kiss 2017 Goodbye

2017 is almost over! Paige and Phoebe recap the year in top albums and favorite concerts, plus talk about what they’re looking forward to in 2018.

Episode 5: All About Fall Out Boy

Phoebe and Paige spend this episode talking about their favorite band, Fall Out Boy. The episode starts with how they first discovered the band to what their music still means to them today, with plenty of anecdotes in between.

Episode 4: Why Would You Pay Money to Meet a Human Being?

Spurred by a recent Medium post from The Maine, Phoebe and Page discuss meeting bands, fan appreciation and whether or not meet and greets should be free. Plus, which one of us can correctly finish more emo song lyrics in this week’s quiz?

Episode 3: We Survived Riot Fest

Phoebe and Paige recap their weekend at Riot Fest, talk about the Fall Out Boy show at the HOB and discuss why local reviewers ignore the pop punk acts at the fest year after year.

Episode 2: I Made You a Mix CD

In episode two, Paige and Phoebe dish on their picks on the Riot Fest schedule, reminisce on the days of mix CDs, share the bands that got them into pop punk, air some concert grievances and talk about the rise of the emo night event. 

Episode 1: What’s My Age Again?

In episode one, Phoebe and Paige talk about listening to blink-182 as a child, seeing them at the Metro, collecting vinyl, Riot Fest, the Riot Feast, Fall Out Boy nostalgia and more!

Don’t Play ‘Chicken’ With Foodborne Illness: 5 Campylobacter Questions Answered

When consumers purchase chicken from the grocery store, they could be bringing home more than just a drumstick. Campylobacter has crept its way up the charts to become the top bacterial cause of reported foodborne illnesses in the United States. Move over, Salmonella! But how does Campylobacter infiltrate the food supply, and why is it seemingly on the rise? We’ve…